Zurb Foundation 5 Clearing Gallery

Requires Zurb Foundation 5 Framework

Enhance WordPress gallery shortcode content with the Zurb Foundation Clearing lightbox. Just enable and all gallery shortcodes will use Clearing.

You can add a gallery just as you normally would including setting up the number of columns.

The plugin supports up to 6 columns for any gallery, it will fall back to 4 column grid for invalid values.

MOBILE: Note that the foundation mobile classes have already been added for each gallery size. That said you can use the filters below to alter any foundation classes applied to the block grid.

There are also a number of filters devs can use to alter output.

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Release date:2015-01-06
Last updated:2014-12-19
Current version:1.01
Product type:Wordpress Plugin
File format:.zip
Requirements:Wordpress 3.0+, Zurb Foundation 5 Framework

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