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September 1, 2014
Baskin Robbins
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Project Details

Baskin Robbins required a new contemporary site for it’s Canadian division.

The site requirements called for a responsive layout, multilingual support via a WordPress Multisite setup, products repository, store finder with map and geolocate, public product rating system, easy to use CMS backend, contact forms, and a blog.

Products Repository

As Baskin Robbins have a wide range of products all in a variety of flavours and styles. The client required a custom product repository within WordPress, making use of custom post types, meta fields, and taxonomies to ensure a streamlined experience for both the content editor and the customer.

To support the multilingual aspect and streamline content creation, a custom plugin was created to create draft versions of products in the French site automatically once a new English product was published. This allowed the translation team to quickly identify content for translation and ensured consistency across the multilingual sites.

Store Locator

Baskin Robbins have stores located across Canada and thus they required a system to allow customers to quickly find stores close to them while providing an efficient method of administering all the store data.

Within WordPress custom post types, meta fields, and taxonomy were used to create a clean and easy to use backend. Each store entry has a built-in Google Maps field allowing admins to quickly identify and stores location.

On the front end the results are powered by Google Maps. Once a query has been submitted the Google Maps API is used to reverse geolocate the users location by GPS and/or IP Address. This location is then used to automatically narrow the results to within a specific radius of the users current location.

If a geolocation is not available then the system detects the users nearest city or town based on the query and narrows results based on this.

Multilingual and Multisite

As a major international company, Baskin Robbins placed a high degree of importance on ensuring that all the sites content would be easily accessible by both English and French speakers.

A WordPress Multisite was used to accommodate the multilingual aspect of the site. The use of multisite ensured that all English and French content remained separate. Treating each language as it’s own individual WordPress site improved content administration and also allowed for greater control over admin access for translation staff.


Custom WordPress CMS
Wordpress Multisite
Custom Product repository
Custom Store Locator
Contact form
Custom WordPress Plugins


WordPress development
Javascript, jQuery

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