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July 11, 2012
HTML5, Responsive Design, Wordpress Plugins, Wordpress Themes
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Mirrorball 2012 Logo

Mirror Ball is the Look Good, Feel Better Foundation’s largest annual fundraising event that supports the Look Good Feel Better and Facing Cancer Together programs.

Mirror Ball is an annual event which relies on it’s microsite to promote and sell tickets for the event. As a charitable organization with limited resources the team required a WordPress CMS that would not only allow users with little web knowledge to maintain the site but also allow the micro site to be redesigned on an annual basis to fit with that year’s event theme.

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Requirements for the WordPress CMS included an easy to use backend, easy to modify theme, ability to process ticket sale requests, and mobile device support.

Project Details

As the project required mobile device support I based the WordPress CMS development on my responsive template. The responsive WordPress CMS template makes use of CSS Media Queries to detect the device being used to view the site and can dynamically alter the site’s layout to best fit the mobile device.

The client also wanted a page template for the event’s sponsors, displaying all logos in a grid layout, as well as displaying the logo on the homepage in fade effect. As the end users of the WordPress CMS would have little knowledge of HTML I made use of custom posts in WordPress. This custom user interface allowed the client to quickly and easily add new sponsors to the website with a few mouse clicks, eliminating any need for coding.

The WordPress CMS also had to process ticket purchase requests from visitors. I designed a custom WordPress plugin form that would calculate the total cost of all tickets (calculated live using Javascript), validate all required fields, then process the form. When processing the form the WordPress plugin sends an alert email to the client containing details of the request, then a confirmation email is sent to the client with attached info pdf’s and confirmation of the sale.


  • Custom WordPress CMS
  • Ticket purchase form custom WordPress plugin
  • Event sponsors custom post type and layout
  • Mobile compatible responsive layout


  • WordPress development
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • CSS 3 Media Queries
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
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