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July 11, 2012
Paracomm International
HTML5, Responsive Design, Wordpress Plugins, Wordpress Themes
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Paracomm International are a Toronto based management coaching and consulting firm.

After years of using a static HTML based website Paracomm wished to upgrade to a WordPress CMS solution to allow for easier content management. Paracomm required a WordPress developer in Toronto to assist them in transferring their static website to a dynamic, easy to manage WordPress CMS website.

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In addition to standard WordPress CMS content pages Paracomm also required a ‘Media Center’ which would be used to show videos to users as well as allow them to download articles in pdf form. My main concern was to ensure that updating the media center would not require any knowledge of html. I made use of WordPress custom post types and custom fields to ensure that all article updates could be made with a few clicks of the mouse.

To simplify updating the videos section I made use of both the YouTube and Vimeo API’s to pull down each video’s thumbnail, title, duration, and description from it’s respective service, thus ensure all the end user had to do was provide the video’s ID and so would not have to duplicate content across the WordPress CMS and the video service.

Another requirement was mobile optimization. I made use of CSS 3 media queries throughout the WordPress CMS to dynamically adapt the layout of each page to ensure the best user experience on mobile devices.


  • Custom WordPress CMS
  • YouTube and Vimeo integration
  • Easy to update PDF article archive
  • Responsive mobile friendly layout
  • Contact form


  • WordPress development
  • PHP
  • CSS 3 Media Queries
  • YouTube, Vimeo API
  • Javascript, jQuery
  • HTML 5
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