LocatorLab App built with WordPress

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Add your items, print the tags, get your stuff back…

LocatorLab.com is a new “Web App” built using WordPress as an application framework.

LocatorLab.com was born when one of my close friends lost his wallet while in the city. Although he did have some identification in his wallet, there was no contact information so no easy way for anyone who found it to get in touch with him.

After some thought it was clear that he could have placed some contact info in his wallet but he didn’t feel too comfortable with this email or phone number being passed onto a stranger, however well meaning they may turn out to be.

It was clear that a method of allowing found items to be returned to their owners anonymously would fill a need.

Based on this concept LocatorLab.com was born. LocatorLab provides users with a unique ID as well as a set of printable tags for any items they log. The tag is placed in a wallet, on a key chain, luggage tag, inside a handbag, or the ID number can simply be written on an item along with the LocatorLab URL.

When an item is found by a member of the public they can either scan the QR code on the item’s tag with their cell phone or simply enter the item ID on the LocatorLab website. This will then allow them to read a message from the owner (maybe a small reward is offered?) and anonymously contact the them via the website without sharing any personal info. The owner then recieves an email alert and can reply to the finder via the site; arrange for a safe public place to meet and get their item back.

The development of LocatorLab takes an MVC approach using the theme for the views and a custom WordPress plugin for all Controllers and Models. Custom rewrite rules are added by the plugin to create endpoints for all controllers and their actions, thus the majority of the applications pages are rendered on the fly and are not actual pages within WordPress.

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